Alexis Bellino Confesses She Wanted to 'Move On' But Did She REALLY Expect To? (VIDEO)

All of this Real Housewives drama has my head spinning. One second Alexis Bellino is crying that she's being bullied (again). The next Tamra Barney is flipping out and using expletives. Bellino recently spoke out to Us Weekly about her and Tamra's gym warming blowout, saying that she was hoping they could have moved on from their past history. But when all is said and done, we can't help but wonder -- who is the real bully here? Did Alexis know what she was walking into that night?

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Alexis Bellino Didn't Want Tamra's Drama & We're Calling Her Bluff (VIDEO)

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Do you think Alexis should have known better than to expect a peaceful dinner?


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