Steve Carell Won’t Appear in ‘The Office’ Series Finale & Fans Are Left Wondering Why (VIDEOS)

Steve Carell the officeWell, fans of The Office have heard grumblings about this for a while, but now it seems that it's officially official: Steve Carell, who played Michael Scott, won't be appearing in The Office series finale. And that just sucks!

The executive producer of the show, Greg Daniels, told reporters on Wednesday that Carell won't be making an appearance, a cameo, a speech, a wave, anything, on the finale, which will air May 16. "I think Steve felt, and I agree, that the 'Goodbye, Michael' episode was his goodbye and he didn't want to overshadow the ending that all the other characters deserved," said Daniel.

I really don't think having him do a brief cameo would take away from the other characters, and for what it's worth, watching Michael Scott's bizarre behavior is what made the show so fantastic and funny. It hasn't been the same without him, and not seeing him on the very last episode of the series just doesn't seem right.


In case you were wondering about the finale (SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS), Daniel said that they tried to "beat" the British version's ending, but they ended up pretty much mirroring it. At the end of the British show, the characters all come together and reunite after they find fame as reality TV stars.

If that's how it ends, it will kind of feel incomplete to not have Michael be a part of this group. Though he was a rather competent salesman, he was a terrible, bumbling manager, and fans of the show will not likely forget his man crush on Ryan Howard, his inexplicable and obvious hatred for Toby Flenderson, Prison Mike, Michael Klump, all his pointless meetings, and "That's what she said." Deep down, he was a good guy, but the awkwardness and subtle (okay, mostly not-so-subtle) tension he caused among his coworkers with his antics made us all tune in week after week. I think it's safe to say more of us would tune in to the finale if we knew he'd at least make a brief appearance. Boo, TV gods.

Seriously, wouldn't it be a fantastic finale if the entire office flew out to Colorado to watch Michael and Holly get married? Or at least we could see how Michael reacts to his newfound fame as a star. Imagine how that'd get to his head and the merchandising deals he'd sign and the books he'd write and the false modesty he'd portray. The possibilities are endless but we won't get to see 'em.

Oh well, anyway, we could get into all of Steve's finest moments on the show. But my favorite thing to watch by far from The Office is the bloopers. The magic of YouTube! So here you go:

And, if anything, please watch until the end of this one, by far my favorite Michael Scott blooper:

Do you think Steve Carell should make an appearance on the series finale of The Office?


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