Kim Kardashian Dresses Baby Bump in Leather in Her Best Pregnancy Look Yet

kim kardashianLooks like Kim Kardashian put aside any beef she may have had with Beyonce and attended the superstar's concert with Kanye West in London on Wednesday. Dressed all in black, Kim rocked leggings, a leather shirt, a blazer, and pointy-toe high heels for the event. It wasn't exactly a dancing outfit, but when you're 43 months pregnant, you probably don't want to do that much moving, anyway.

Thing is, though ... leather shirt?


While pregnant? I LOVE IT.

It's Kim's best maternity outfit to date. It's stylish, it looks comfortable (compared to what else she's been spotted in), and it looks oh so Kim. The girl loves her some leather and she'll be damned if a baby is going to get in the way of donning some animal skin.

I mean, we're talking about Kim here, who thought it awesome to wear an entire leather ensemble, in Hawaii, no less, to go on a fro-yo run with Kanye, who, by the way, was also dressed head to toe in leather. Let's see, bright, sunny, hot day in paradise? I know! I'll drape myself in processed cow hides!

So, wearing leather to a Beyonce concert in chilly London is not only reasonable, it's an improvement. Kim looks fantastic here, and I hope we see more of her leather maternity wear in the future.

Did you dare to wear leather while pregnant?


Photo via Splash News

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