Lindsay Lohan Breaks Plea Deal & Skips Town

lindsay lohanFor those on the fence about whether you should give up on Lindsay Lohan, the latest news on the troubled star just might push you over that edge. LiLo has violated her rehab deal and has skipped town. She was supposed to report to the Seafiled Center in Westhampton Beach, New York by this morning, but she was a no-show. The reason why is just as ridiculous as you might expect.


According to TMZ, Lindsay was freaked out because Seaside doesn't allow smoking. Despite being given endless chances, dodging harsh sentences, and the fact that millions are still rooting for her, the star still doesn't have her priorities straight. Instead of checking into the court-approved facility, she hopped on a plane to California and headed to Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach -- which, of course, does allow patients to light up.

There is just one problem. It seems that Lindsay didn't get the switch approved before making her decision. That could mean more trouble for the star, who clearly isn't taking all of this as seriously as she should. Reportedly, no one from Lindsay's camp even bothered to contact prosecutors before she jetted off. Crazy, right? I imagine that the judge is fuming right now. This all seems incredibly disrespectful, especially considering that she could have gotten jail time instead of rehab.

I understand that she wants and even needs to smoke. A lot of people in recovery do. But she should have asked about that rule weeks ago. Completing her sentence -- the way it was outlined by the judge -- should be the top priority. This smoking issue is something she and her representatives should have sorted out in advance. It's painfully clear she is incapable of getting her life on track without a tremendous amount of assistance. What is also painfully clear is that no one in her inner circle is capable of helping her do that in the right way.

Sadly, if the judge feels as though she violated the deal, he can toss her butt in jail for up to 90 days. Well, perhaps she won't mind since she can definitely smoke there!

Do you think Lindsay made a bad judgment call by not showing up?


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