5 Reasons Kate Middleton Will Have an Easier Time at Motherhood Than Princess Diana Did

Kate MiddletonYou think it's hard being a mom who gets judged all of the time by other moms -- imagine being the Duchess of Cambridge. She's going to have moms the entire world over watching her every move. Even if moms aren't watching -- the paparazzi will be! Imagine if she's caught bottle feeding before age 1! Or breastfeeding past age 3! Luckily for Kate, she's got a lot of people to help her out with child rearing, including, I imagine, the best baby raisers on the planet, so she should do okay. In fact, she'll have it easier than Diana did. By all accounts, Kate's tragically deceased MIL was a fabulous mom. But she had it tough. And the "Mommy Wars" hadn't even started yet! Here are five reasons Kate will have an easier time than Diana did.


Her marriage. Diana famously found out that her new husband, Prince Charles, was cheating on her with his mistress Camilla pretty much right after they said their vows. By all accounts, Kate and Prince William seem genuinely in love and no doubt bringing up your baby in a good, solid marriage is a lot easier than doing it in a stressful, unloving one.

Her relationship with her mother. Unlike Diana, Kate has a great relationship with her mom, Carole. In fact, they were recently spotted buying a Moses basket together. By contrast, Diana had a strained relationship with her mother, Frances, who ran off with her lover when Diana was 6. Diana was then raised by her father. Kate will have her mom to lean on in a way that Diana didn't.

Her age. Diana had her first son, William, at age 21. Catherine is having her first child at age 31. That extra decade will only help. Kate had more time to get to know herself, learn patience, figure out what she really wanted in life, and get to know her husband, William. Her maturity can only pay off.

Royal duties. In Diana's day, royals were not expected to be hands on with their children, and were supposed to put their royal duties before their child-rearing duties. Diana was criticized heavily (by the Family and the press -- not the public) for being so involved with her children -- even bringing them on royal tours. Presumably (hopefully) things have gotten a bit looser in the palace.

The press. Diana was hounded day and night by the press -- many believe it was the paparazzi that eventually killed her. While the press hasn't exactly been hands off with Kate -- catching her in a bikini on her honeymoon and famously sunning topless -- they have still backed off since Diana's time. In fact, the photographers who took Kate's topless photos have been charged with invasion of privacy. Hopefully the press will respect Kate's children more than they did Diana and hers.

Do you think Kate will have an easier time raising children than Diana?


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