Kate Middleton's 'Co-Sleeping' Plans Are Short & Sweet

kate middletonThe decision over where your newborn is going to sleep after you bring him home from the hospital can be a difficult one to make for moms, even ones who live in a palace. She and Prince William are getting their nursery all ready for their royal heir's arrival, but supposedly Kate Middleton's baby will sleep in her room for at least the first few weeks or so after birth.

No, no -- it doesn't sound like she's planning on co-sleeping. It's more likely that her little one will be sleeping in a (very fancy) bassinet right near mum and dad until he's ready to move to his own room.


Kate and I already have so much in common (aside from her being a princess and drop-dead gorgeous and all) -- but now we'll have one more thing to bond over should we ever bump into each other at afternoon tea. I, too, kept my son in my room until he was about the age of 4 weeks, when my husband and I moved him down the hall to the crib in his own bedroom.

And as tough as it was to give up the comforting feeling of having him right by my side, we all slept so much more soundly once we were separated. We couldn't sleep with him stirring, and vice-versa -- so it was definitely the right time for us to move him.

I was curious as to when and why other moms chose to make the switch and move their babies into their own rooms. Here's what 18 moms had to say -- it varies across the board for sure -- though four months seems to be the magic number.

  1. "Baby number one was two weeks because the hubby kept waking up to every irregular breath. Number two and number three were right away." -- @AllisonHalsted
  2. "Four months. Didn't want him to wake his big sister, who was 21 months when he was born." -- @katiefhurley
  3. "My second son grew too big for the bassinet at three weeks!" -- @CieHosmer
  4. "My little one moved to her own room at 4 months! She outgrew the bassinet in the pack & play & the top section made me nervous." -- @B_Rappy
  5. "Four months. She was sleeping through the night and I missed my husband." -- @HealthyMomRuns
  6. "My DS slept in our room until he was about 2 months whereas DD went into her own crib/room right away. Baby number three, on the other hand, will likely stay in our room somewhere between three to six months just due to lack of space. LOL." -- @cosmompolitan
  7. "Three weeks. Our pediatrician strongly advised it and we felt giving him the ability to sleep on his own was a gift." -- Alissa of Clever Compass
  8. "First baby NINE MONTHS because I was insane. I finally moved her out to see if it would change our up every two hours pattern. Second baby went straight into her own room from the hospital. Mostly because number one is back in our room!!" -- @dimsumdebutante
  9. "Night one, he was in his crib in his room." -- Pam
  10. "My one and only went into her own room the minute we got back from hospital." -- Monique F.
  11. "Four weeks because I didn't want to be a family who co-sleeps or whose child can't sleep on their own." -- Monique T.
  12. "From the first night home she slept in her own crib." -- Kristen
  13. "Four months, but it wasn't worth it. Instead of reaching over and nursing, I had to walk over to another room and sit in a chair and nurse in the middle of the night. Looking back, it made me so exhausted. She is 2 1/2 now & we still play musical beds. So -- whatever I was trying to achieve didn't work. Pointless!" -- Ginny
  14. "It took seven months to move her out of our room. Her room was a floor down from us and I was having a hard time wrapping my head around it. I kept waiting for her to sleep through the night before I moved her, but her sleep was getting worse and not better. Up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours Finally, I had to move her for my sanity, in hopes she'd sleep better. She started sleeping through the night almost right away, and if I'm ever blessed with another, I doubt I'll keep them there so long. Though I can't see moving a baby out before 4 months old." -- Brandee of Chill Mama Chill
  15. "It was around 3 or 4 months with A, because neither of us was sleeping well with him in a bassinet right beside me! He has slept entirely through the night almost every single night since! What happened is that we started using his crib for naps first & he slept so well I couldn't justify keeping him beside me. Much like his momma, that little guy likes to have room to spread out!" -- @marygclose
  16. "Joe hated the bassinet, and we have a small master bedroom that doesn't have room for even a pack and play in it. He would just scream in the bassinet, so we tried him in the crib at 2 weeks, and he slept. He was sleeping through the night at a month, so any guilt I had was quickly wiped away by restful nights." -- Maggie of I've Got a Bucket Full of Awesome
  17. "Around 8 months with my third child, when she started sleeping through the night more. It's much easier to co-sleep when they're little and nursing a couple times a night." -- Hanan of Lilac City Momma
  18. "Four months on both because they got too big for the bassinet to be comfy. Their rooms are close by so no separation drama. Lucky both are good sleepers." -- @DinkieDie

Have you moved your baby to his own room yet?


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