Kris Jenner Wants to Be Kim Kardashian So Badly She Wears a Wig (PHOTO)

kris jennerIf I didn't think Kristen Wiig had better things to do, I'd assume these photos of Kris Jenner in a long, dark wig were really the comedienne poking fun at the momager's desperate need to feel like her daughters' sister, rather than their 57-year-old mother, but the photos are no joke. While on an E! special family vacation in Greece, Kris ran her hands through her fake weave and waited for resort employees and jet ski workers to exclaim, OMG, Kris, you look just like Kim!


Because you can't tell me for one second that's not what she had in mind. The only thing, in Kris' twisted ego, that separates her from her daughters is their hair length. Everything else, according to Kris, is the same. A wig puts her on a level playing field. Fooooour sisters.

I gotta wonder how the shit Bruce is handling all this. His wife is going off the deep end. Between this wig stunt and her cellphone case that reads "Queen of F*cking Everything", Kris has devolved into a tween. Instead of getting wiser and more mature as she ages, she's hanging One Direction posters in her room and texting non-stop with a guy she met at the Grove. And you know what, I feel sorry for Mario Lopez. He never asked for that.

What do you think of Kris Jenner's wig-out?


Photo via Splash News

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