Heather Locklear's New Boyfriend Dr. Marc Mani Comes With Some Sweet Perks (PHOTO)

heather locklear marc maniHe may not be a rock star like Tommy Lee or Richie Sambora. And he never starred with her on Melrose Place like Jack Wagner. But Dr. Marc Mani sounds like he could make Heather Locklear very happy. If only because the aging star's new boyfriend (see right) has been gifting her with pro bono plastic surgery, according to a source. Ha! What a Beverly Hills fairy tale if I ever heard one ...

Dr. Mani has appeared on TLC’s Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills and other reality shows about face lifts, lipo, breast surgeries, and butt implants. And now he's starring as the leading man in Heather Lockelar's life. Aaaawww!


No, really, I'm super-happy for her. But I'm sure it doesn't hurt that being with a plastic surgeon affords her all the Botox, nips, and tucks she desires. It's actually so stereotypically Hollywood, I almost can't stand it and want to see her get with another aging member of a hair band. Or Jack Wagner, with whom she broke off an engagement in 2011 (but with whom I always thought she had off-the-charts chemistry).

But that's okay, whatevs. She's been through a lot lately! (Remember how early last year she was hospitalized, perhaps over the heartache of losing Jack?) So, as long as Dr. Mani (also, that NAME! How much for a pedi too?! Ba-dump chhh!) makes her happy, healthy, and slightly more wrinkle-free, that's all we should really care about, amirite?

What do you think about this match made in Dr. 90210 heaven?

Image via McAf/Splash News

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