Beyonce’s Crazy Tour Demands Reveal What a Diva She Really Is

beyonceRidiculous demands from stars is nothing new. Prince wants clear plastic covering everything in his dressing room. Marilyn Manson supposedly demanded a bald, toothless hooker. Cher insisted on a separate room for her wigs. Madonna gets brand new toilet seats wherever she performs. So I am not sure why I was surprised by the reports of Beyonce's recent backstage demands, but I was. You won't believe what Queen Bey allegedly asked for.


The singer is currently performing several shows in London and, according to the Daily Star, she has made an eyebrow-raising list of must-haves.

  1. The walls of her dressing room must be freshly painted white.
  2. A new toilet seat must be installed.
  3. They must provide red toilet paper, because apparently that is the only kind she uses.
  4. All junk food is banned.
  5. Titanium drinking straws.
  6. There should be healthy snacks like almonds and oatcakes.

Most of these I get. She works hard and needs certain things to maintain her healthy lifestyle, so I understand several of these requests. But red toilet paper? Where in the world does one get that? Is it a regular roll just dipped in dye? Do stores actually sell that? And why does anyone need a titanium drinking straw? Oh well, I suppose that is the problem of some poor lackey at the concert venue. I guess this shouldn't seem so strange. After all, she and hubby Jay-Z took over an entire maternity ward when she gave birth to Blue Ivy. This is small by comparison. Still, it's amazing what stars can get away with, isn't it? Guess they don't call her a diva for nothing!

What do you think of Beyonce's demands?


Image via beelover9481/Flickr

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