Alexis Bellino Says She Didn’t Want Tamra's Drama & We’re Calling Her Bluff (VIDEO)

alexis bellinoWatching Tamra Barney flip out on Alexis Bellino at her gym warming party on Real Housewives last week was nuts. OK, more than nuts. I was seriously waiting for her to punch Alexis in the face and then follow that up with a roundhouse kick after Vicki Gunvalson fell for Alexis' sob story. Now that the ep's aired, Alexis is speaking out to Us about her regret for showing up to the party and what she hoped would happen that night. Not so surprisingly, it was NOT an altercation.

"I went with pure intentions, with the hopes that everyone was ready to move on ... I just went in open minded, and I got the door shut in my face."

Really, Alexis? I'm sorry -- but I call BS on you. I call BS on the whole thing.


You're a reality TV star, Alexis. There's no way in hell that you were going to show up to this little dinner soiree and just enjoy a few bites of a perfectly executed vegetarian dish with some pinot grigio. Plain and simple: when you want to patch things up with someone, you do it one on one. You don't accept a friend's invitation to a party being thrown by someone you have bad blood with, hoping that everything is just gonna be peaches and cream and roses. Newsflash: That ain't gonna happen.

There is NO doubt in my mind that this blowout was exactly what producers and cast members alike hoped for from the second Tamra planned this not-so-typical gym warming party. More drama means more viewers, more viewers equal more publicity.

Do I think Alexis' feelings were genuinely hurt? Of course I do. Do I think she really took Xanax after the whole bullying episode? Hell yes. But I'm sorry hunny, you walked right into this one.

Watch Alexis talk about the big fight, here:

Do you think Alexis deserved Tamra's freakout?


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