Ian Somerhalder vs. Matt Bomer as Christian Grey: Whose Team Are You On? (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | May 1, 2013 Celebrities

team matt bomerteam ian photoEver since we started buzzing about who would play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, two actors have come forward as frontrunners with a MAJOR fan following. At this point, you can't even get into a conversation about casting without their names coming up. That's right, I'm talking about Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer!

And when it comes to Fifty Shades of Grey fans, we're a nation divided. You're either Team Ian or Team Matt. Still, there would be awesome pros and definite drawbacks to either actor scoring the role. Here, the top pluses and minuses for each ...

Whose team are you on?

  • PRO for Ian Somerhalder: He Looks Damn Good in a Suit


    Image via Jason Kempin/Getty

    Whoever steps into the role of Christian is going to have to dress up to the nines for several scenes -- most notably, the masquerade ball. And make no mistake: Ian Somerhalder was born to wear black tie.

  • CON for Ian Somerhalder: He's Damon Salvatore


    One of the drawbacks to having Ian cast as Christian would most definitely be that he is already Damon Salvatore to faithful Vampire Diaries fans. It may be difficult to separate his recognizability as that role and find him fully believable as Mr. Grey.

  • PRO for Matt Bomer: He's Spectacularly Dashing


    Image via USANet/Wikimedia

    There's no denying that Matt Bomer has the polished, professional look and style to pull off playing a billionaire whose recreational pleasures include gliding, flying Charlie Tango, and seducing Anastasia Steele.

  • CON for Matt Bomer: The Controversial Point About His Personal Life


    Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty

    A while back, Bret Easton Ellis tweeted, "I am NOT discriminating Matt Bomer because of his sexuality. Fifty Shades of Grey demands an actor that is genuinely into women. Get it?!?" And the fact of the matter is -- he's not alone in feeling that way.

  • PRO for Ian Somerhalder: He's Got the Cocky Thing Down Pat


    Image via Ema Martins/Wikimedia

    Whoever steps into Mr. Grey's shoes and picks up his whip must be sexy and incredibly confident. There's no doubt Ian has the ability to pull that off! (The guy is practically acting like he has the role already!)

  • CON for Ian Somerhalder: He's Overly Confident


    Image via MingleMediaTVNetwork/Wikimedia

    The guy has been acting like he's going to be handed this part on a silver platter. Too much confidence could work against his performance being spot-on. 

  • PRO for Matt Bomer: He's Jaw-Droppingly Handsome


    Image via USA

    Fans rave that Bomer's "square jawline, piercing eyes, straight nose, and nice body" make him the perfect physical fit for the mercurial part.

  • CON for Matt Bomer: He's Neal Caffrey


    Image via USA

    Just like Ian with Damon, Matt is known to many as world-famous con artist Neal Caffrey. And while it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to see him moving from that role to playing a BDSM-practicing billionaire, that may be a problem. We don't want to be reminded of Neal when we're watching Christian. (It's a case for casting neither Ian or Matt and going with a complete unknown!)

  • PRO for Ian Somerhalder: This Audition


    Image via freakpoussin/YouTube

    After seeing this audition he did for Lost in '05-'06-ish, color us convinced that the part should go to Ian! He's sexy, authoritative, and has the best eyebrow furrow we know would work perfectly while he's scolding Ana.

  • CON for Ian Somerhalder: The Role Could Wreck His Relationship


    Image via vagueonthehow/Wikimedia

    We love Ian with Vampire Diaries co-star Nina Dobrev, but playing Christian could thrust him into a whole new stratosphere that gets him acting like a womanizer a la Leonardo DiCaprio. Look, it may already be happening!

  • PRO for Matt Bomer: He Looks Absolutely Amazing Opposite Alexis Bledel


    If Alexis Bledel is cast as Ana, we know Matt is the perfect choice, because the two of them have super hot chemistry in a FAN trailer! Just imagine what it would be like in the real movie.

  • CON for Matt Bomer: He May Not Be Broody Enough


    Image via Christopher Polk/Getty

    Not sure I can see Matt Bomer pulling off the brooding, emotionally dark and heavy side of Christian. But hey, that's what acting is all about! Maybe we just haven't seen that side of him before?

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