Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Photos Released & Oh GOD We Feel Awkward

Farrah AbrahamI knew that this day would come, but I wasn't mentally prepared for it to come this soon. I was absolutely shocked that Farrah Abraham's sex tape, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen, sold for a "high six figures." But now, I'm beyond shocked at what's IN the tape. Yup, it's official -- photos from Farrah's sex tape have hit the web and I am absolutely mortified. 

There are photos of her front-ways. Photos of her back-ways. Photos of her in the shower and photos of her in a matching periwinkle and pink bra and panties set. And while it's not like they're earth shattering, they are an absolute embarrassment.

But really, I'm fairly traumatized by her doggy style face and I'm cringing for her.


I'm sorry, but how can she not find this embarrassing? Seeing these photos makes me feel just about as awkward as I do when I walk in on someone peeing in a community bathroom who forgets to lock the door (it happens way more often than I wish!). This is a video that she allegedly wanted for her "personal collection." Now it's going to be released May 6 and photos of her doing the dirty with porn star James Deen are plastered all over the Interwebs.

... Photos where she just looks so classless. Photos where she looks so awkwardly uninhibited. Photos where she seems SO into all of everything that's going on and Deen is just doing his job. The Teen Mom looks out of her element. She looks awkward.

And oh god, from the looks of it -- there were a LOT of different positions going on here. I'm SURE Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen will showcase Farrah in a bazillion different angles of awkwardness. Dear lord, I have to take a shower just thinking about it.

What do you think of Farrah's sex tape stills? Do they make you embarrassed, too?


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