Andy Dick & ‘Real Housewives’ Girlfriend Are Perfect for Each Other! (Please Tell Me He’s Going on the Show)

brandi glanville jennifer gimenezThere was love on the set of Dancing With the Stars last night, and no, I'm not talking about Bachelor Sean Lowe and his obvious affection for tight, shiny pants. The amour between comedian Andy Dick and his new girlfriend Jennifer Gimenez of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame couldn't be denied.


You'll remember Jennifer as the tall, buff woman who joined Brandi Glanville at Housewives events all season. She was sitting next to Brandi at Kyle's white party where she confronted Adrienne Maloof about the lawsuit lies.

You might also remember Jennifer from Celebrity Rehab, where she helped Dr. Drew wrangle the troubled, star-studded cast into group meetings and one-on-one therapy. She was tough, but seemed to come from a kind, caring place.

Which is why she and Andy just may work. Mr. Dick (can I call him Mr. Dick?) has been open about his substance abuse and addiction problems -- he's overcome a lot and has been sober now for a while. So if anyone can understand and be supportive of his past, it's gotta be Jennifer. First of all, she's trained for that sort of thing, and second of all, she told WetPaint that they've been really close friends for years. Their foundation is solid.

Selfishly, I hope they last at least until the fall, when season 4 of the RHOBH starts filming. I mean, hello! How awesome would it be to throw Andy Dick into that mix? He and Lisa Vanderpump would get along like a house on fire. House. On. Fire.

Here's hoping Jennifer and Andy have a happy, reality TV-filled future together.

Do you think they make a good couple?


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