Kate Middleton Could Be Planning for Baby #2 Much Too Soon

Kate MiddletonEven though she still has a few months to go before giving birth, reports say that Kate Middleton is planning baby number two -- yes, already.

While she had a horrible first trimester, you know, with morning sickness so bad it landed her in the hospital, apparently her pregnancy has been a piece of cake now that she's over that hurdle, which is one of the reasons she might not hesitate to give her first born a sibling sooner rather than later.


According to the Daily Star, a source close to Kate says, "She needs to see how the next few weeks go. But Kate says it's been a breeze so far, apart from the terrible morning sickness she suffered at the start. She wants to see how she feels after the baby is born but she sees no reason why they can't start trying for another baby almost straight away."

And oh yeah, she also supposedly has her age on the brain. At 31, the insider says, "She certainly doesn't want to be having babies when she's 40. That's why, as far as Kate is concerned, there is no time to lose. She likes the idea of having an heir and a spare just a few months apart."

(An heir and a spare. How cute.)

Ok, so I definitely get where she's coming from on this one -- but if Kate really is planning a second baby already, she might want to at least consider being less vocal about it.

When I was pregnant with my son, I had no problem telling anyone and everyone who would listen that I planned on having three kids. And I even went a step further and said I'd probably have the second one by the time my first was 2, or 3 at the oldest. I had this vision of a perfect little family with three kiddos, a dog, and a white picket fence, and I figured everything would go according to plan, especially since pregnancy was so easy for me.

But then I had the baby -- and reality set in. And two weeks after I brought him home, I vowed that I was "one and done" -- and that there would be no more children. Guess what? He's 7 years old now, and he's an only child, and barring any unforeseen surprises, he's going to stay that way.

And to this day, from time to time I still run into someone who remembers me ranting and raving about having three kids back when I was preggo -- and usually they give me a bit of a hard time about it.

The same may wind up being true for Kate if she doesn't stop telling everyone her plans now. She should wait until she has her baby before rushing into baby number two. She may be a princess, but she's still about to become a new mom. And for the most part, it's never exactly what any of us expected.

Have you already started planning your second baby?


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