Kristen Stewart Wins 'Best Dressed' -- How the Heckfire Did She Pull THAT Off? (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | May 1, 2013 Celebrities

kristen stewartForget everything you're hearing right now about neon pink floral spring trends. Know what's hot? Schlumpy unwashed jeans and t-shirts, apparently. Kristen Stewart won Best Dressed Woman in Glamour magazine's reader poll! For the second year in a row, might I add. They love her "personal rock-chick style," natch.

Emma Watson was the runnerup, and Kate Middleton was a perplexing third place. And no, today is not opposite day. I know what you're thinking -- "Why don't I get this much attention from wearing Converse sneakers and stained hoodies?" Because your personal rock-chick style is missing some inexplicable magic, i.e. Twilight pixie dust. But hey, Kristen cleans up well for red carpet events, too, when she wants to. Let's remember some of her best ensembles or, um, whatever you call 'em.

  • Nerd Chic?


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    This is how we're used to seeing Kristen: Sneakers, jeans, t-shirt, flannel. Oh, she added some eyeglasses for a bit of nerd chic.

  • Comic-Con Neon


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    Kristen wears black high-tops with a neon miniskirt and cropped t-shirt to entertain the geeks at Comic-Con. Rupert Sanders scandal is about to blow, in five, four, three, two ...

  • Public Relations Nightmare Attire


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    What to wear when the press is hounding you over cheating on America's most beloved vampire.

  • Goth Black & White Pantsuit


    Kristen puts on a brave face after the scandal and struts the red carpet in boss high-waist pants and goth makeup.

  • WTF 'On the Road' Shorts and Sheer Dress Combo


    Okay, I know everyone hated this outfit by Erdem. And yeah, it kind of doesn't work. But I love that she tried it! It's way more interesting than that same-old bandage dress everyone else wears. She took a risk -- good for her. And those shoes rock.

  • Black Lace Jumpsuit


    Remember this? Another risky move by KStew, and it's more "her" as a pantsuit than a lace dress would be. Definitely rock and roll ... but it seemed a little more grown-up than the usual KStew, too.

  • Kids' Choice Awards Shorts


    I actually loved this Osman Yousefzada shorts suit -- it was perfectly playful for the venue, but still sophisticated. And her updo let those strong shoulders stand out.

  • Coachella Minimalist


    Kristen skips the predictable Coachella bo-ho hippie dresses and wears short shorts with a ripped t-shirt and backwards cap. She sure loves those Converse sneakers.

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