Kristen Stewart Wins 'Best Dressed' -- How the Heckfire Did She Pull THAT Off? (PHOTOS)

kristen stewartForget everything you're hearing right now about neon pink floral spring trends. Know what's hot? Schlumpy unwashed jeans and t-shirts, apparently. Kristen Stewart won Best Dressed Woman in Glamour magazine's reader poll! For the second year in a row, might I add. They love her "personal rock-chick style," natch.

Emma Watson was the runnerup, and Kate Middleton was a perplexing third place. And no, today is not opposite day. I know what you're thinking -- "Why don't I get this much attention from wearing Converse sneakers and stained hoodies?" Because your personal rock-chick style is missing some inexplicable magic, i.e. Twilight pixie dust. But hey, Kristen cleans up well for red carpet events, too, when she wants to. Let's remember some of her best ensembles or, um, whatever you call 'em.


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