Bad Kim Kardashian Jokes Off Limits When Kanye Is on 'SNL' -- Are They Serious?

Kanye WestI'll be upfront: I'm uber surprised that Kanye West is confirmed to perform on the season finale of Saturday Night Live. The rapper turned fashion designer hasn't exactly been running toward the spotlight lately. Heck, just last week rumors were flying that Yeezy wants nothing to do with reality TV despite dating its queen, Kim Kardashian.

Rumor has it that he may even participate in a skit or two! But rumor ALSO has it that West has a few rules for his time on the SNL stage -- the main one being that Kim Kardashian jokes are kept to a minimum. An NBC insider told Radar Online that he doesn't want there to be any rudeness about girlfriend Kim Kardashian or he's gonna be livid. 

Ha, we know what craziness can happen when you push Kanye's buttons. The big question, will they listen to his wishes?


Let's be real: I'm sure the last thing that SNL producers want is for Yeezy to walk off the set and skip out on his musical gig, especially when they'll be promoting this and building up the hype for his stint on the show. There's no way that they'll be able to avoid talking about Kim Kardashian altogether, though. Not at ALL.

That doesn't mean it has to be in a classless manner, though. Instead of doing skits impersonating a whiny reality star, maybe they could all team up to decorate a faux nursery with some Kanye flair or, even better, write a rap for the future little Kimye. Hey, just a few ideas.

Would it be more fun if no joke was off-limits? Of course. But hey, I guess this is just how the late night TV cookie crumbles. Personally I'd love to see what happens when Kanye West acts. Something tells me if he's half as good an actor as he is a rapper, we'll be in business.

Will you tune in to Kanye on Saturday Night Live?


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