Happy Anniversary, Kate Middleton & Prince William! 10 of Their Most Romantic Moments

Kate Middleton

It's hard to believe it was only two years ago that Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, got married in an unforgettable ceremony seen the world over. Since then, they've certainly had a lot happen to them -- and they've cemented their image as the golden couple of this century. They seem genuinely in love in a way that Prince Charles and Diana never did (with good reason), and Catherine, otherwise known as Kate Middleton, has captured the public's heart in a way that Diana did too.

Here are 10 of the most romantic moments of Kate and Wills' marriage so far.


1. The actual marriage was probably their most romantic thus far. Watched by an estimated one billion people worldwide, with Kate in Sarah Burton perfection, Wills dashing in a red military uniform, both in a horse-drawn open carriage, they looked almost too perfect to be real. They looked like their wax museum figures. But more -- mobile.

2. Kate and Wills had a romantic honeymoon on the isle of Seychelles. It's just too bad that a long-lensed paparazzo ruined their privacy by taking some of the first of many other intrusive pap shots the couple would endure. Still, it was cute to see them walking hand and hand on the beach.

3. William and Kate are caught hugging in the stands at the Olympics as a British cycling team takes gold. Aww!

4. Kate attends a Wills' polo match wearing a green dress -- and gives him a couple of match kisses. Royal PDA!

5. The couple looked relaxed as they went for casual wear during a visit to the jungles of Borneo. I'm not saying they had hot monkey love in a tent or anything.

6. The couple spend some time looking at some beautiful orchids named after Princess Diana while on a tour of Singapore.

7. The couple dance during a traditional welcoming ceremony in Tuvalu, Polynesia. Cuuuute.

8. Kate sunbathes topless at a royal chateau -- and of course a pap snaps pics of it. There's just something about a future queen wanting to get topless for her man that's hot, no?

9. Kate and William announce that Kate is pregnant with their first child. She immediately checks into a hospital with acute morning sickness. Wills is a regular visitor, proving he's a sensitive, modern guy.

10. Kate and Wills tour a Harry Potter movie set and have a "wand battle." They don't mind acting like geeks.

From the beginning, it's been a relationship of rainbows and puppy dogs, hasn't it? Check out these photos of the couple dancing before they got married. You wouldn't even know they're royals. They look like just any other couple in love. Well, maybe they're somewhat better looking and certainly a lot richer than most other couples. But the sparkle in the eye and the spring in the step? Any of us in love can have it too!

Congratulations William and Kate! Here's Wills whispering to Kate during their wedding ceremony. Can you guess what he said to her? (Hint: Wills has a cheeky sense of humor.)

Image via Fox News

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