Lindsay Lohan Makes Another Big Mistake Days Before She Goes to Rehab

lindsay lohanIt's not as though I thought all of the Lindsay Lohan drama would come to a complete end after she was sentenced to 90 days in a lock-down rehab facility, which begins in May. I did think, however, we would at least have a reprieve from the craziness until she went in. She should be on her best behavior at this point, right? Well, Lindsay may be in hot water again for yet another silly mistake.


According to TMZ, she blew off a court appearance for another legal issue. You may recall that she was accused of hitting a nanny with her Maserati back in 2010. Linds reportedly ran a red light and injured the woman, Nubia Del Carmen Preza, and narrowly missed the stroller that she was pushing. It's no shocker that Preza is suing the once-big star, who was supposed to appear to answer questions. Now a new hearing is set for May 8 where the judge will decide if Lindsay will be fined for not complying.

I used to think her situation was sad. Now it's just plain ridiculous. I'm tired of asking what happened to Lindsay Lohan. We know what happened. The more relevant question is when the hell is she going to get her act together. Her only priorities should be resolving all of the lingering legal messes she has gotten herself into and seriously rehabbing her image if she ever wants to work again.

Such a shame that a woman with so much promise is now a euphemism for someone who crashed and burned, someone who stupidly threw away everything she had worked so hard for. I always thought that anyone could make a comeback. Look at Robert Downey, Jr. He was beyond rock bottom at one point. No one thought he would ever be a marquee name again, now look at him. I am sure many fans had the same hopes for Lindsay, but now I am not sure that's possible. You have to really want to change. It's not clear she does. Perhaps there is no hope for this girl.

Should we give up on Lindsay or do you think she can still turn her life around?

Image via avrilllllla/Flickr

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