Farrah Abraham's Adult Film Is Far From Her Worst Publicity Stunt (PHOTOS)

Jeanne Sager | Apr 29, 2013 Celebrities

Farrah AbrahamFor a girl whose TV show went off the air nearly a year ago, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has done a pretty good job of keeping herself in the public eye. Maybe too good a job. Farrah has worked hard to squeeze every ounce of fame out of her allotted 15 minutes, and it's working. She was the third most searched reality star on Google in 2012 (even beating out one Kim Kardashian), and her porn video just sold for mega bucks. 

Of course, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom also made her already questionable status as a "star" that much more cringeworthy. Is there anything Farrah won't do to stay in the news? Weeeeeeeell...

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After all, her life has become series of progressively bad public relations ideas, from tomato sauce that was supposed to make her a legitimate force in the food biz to doling out parenting advice.

Let's take a walk through Farrah's attempts to stay relevant, shall we?

Which idea is the worst? Where do you see Farrah going next?


Image via F1abraham/Twitter

  • Mom & Me Italian Hot Pepper Sauce


    Want a taste of Farrah? You may have to settle for some of her Italian hot pepper sauce, the sole product of the Mom & Me Food company she started with mother Debra after graduating from culinary school. The sauce is being sold in midwestern food stores, and Farrah is the "brand ambassador."

  • My Teenage Dream Ended


    In August of 2012 Farrah released her memoir, a behind the scenes look at her pregnancy and new motherhood. The book included shocking details including her sex romps with boyfriend Derek Underwood (father of her little girl, Sophia) in her sister's bed, her father's arrest, and her plans to have an abortion that were quashed by her mother.

  • Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom


    Ah, auto-tune, making "singers" out of reality stars. Farrah recorded an entire album with the help of technology. A LOT of help. She even shared a single, "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom."

  • Passy Perfume


    Her memoir hit the bestseller's list, so why not a children's book? Why not indeed. The story of bribing her kid with perfume so she'd give up the pacifier was a stinker.

  • Plastic Surgery


    She got her boobs done while on Teen Mom, but that wasn't enough. Farrah went under the knife to the tune of $16,000 and unveiled her "new face" on the cover of In Touch. Then she followed it up by advising folks give their loved ones plastic surgery vouchers as gifts.

  • Waxing Sophia's eyebrows


    It's not just that Farrah waxed her toddler's eyebrows. It's that she first bragged about it to get attention ... and then feigned disgust when people called her out on her inappropriate behavior.

  • Workout Videos


    The Teen Mom has a rockin' bod, and the way she sees it, that's enough to qualify her to teach others to get fit. From an ab workout in bed for Valentine's Day to using her kid to show moms they can work out too, Farrah's certainly tried to push the idea that she's a fitness guru.

  • DUI Defense


    We'd hope Farrah's DUI wasn't a publicity stunt (please, please, no), but her behavior since has been odd ... to say the least. Not only did she defend her drinking, but she recently put out a video mocking the device she has to blow into before starting her car. The video mimics oral sex because, ya know, nothing's sexier than drinking and driving?

  • Porn Video


    Farrah's foray into porn is her latest and most spectacularly bad attempt to cash in on the fame yet. How low CAN she go? Guess you'll have to watch Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom once Vivid Entertainment puts it on the shelves.

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