Farrah Abraham's Adult Film Is Far From Her Worst Publicity Stunt (PHOTOS)

Farrah AbrahamFor a girl whose TV show went off the air nearly a year ago, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has done a pretty good job of keeping herself in the public eye. Maybe too good a job. Farrah has worked hard to squeeze every ounce of fame out of her allotted 15 minutes, and it's working. She was the third most searched reality star on Google in 2012 (even beating out one Kim Kardashian), and her porn video just sold for mega bucks. 

Of course, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom also made her already questionable status as a "star" that much more cringeworthy. Is there anything Farrah won't do to stay in the news? Weeeeeeeell...


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After all, her life has become series of progressively bad public relations ideas, from tomato sauce that was supposed to make her a legitimate force in the food biz to doling out parenting advice.

Let's take a walk through Farrah's attempts to stay relevant, shall we?

Which idea is the worst? Where do you see Farrah going next?


Image via F1abraham/Twitter

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