Robert Pattinson Still Looks Mad & Depressed: Is It Kristen Stewart’s Fault?

Robert PattinsonYikes! Have you seen how scruffy and blah Robert Pattinson is looking these days? From letting his beard grow out to ditching the sleek suits in favor of ratty jeans and t-shirts -- he definitely seems to be in some sort of a funk.

Oh yeah, Rob also looks pretty pissed off and unimpressed in recent photos. And it's hard not to wonder whether he's down in the dumps over the negative turn his relationship with Kristen Stewart seems to be taking.

(It's SO headed into the gutter. Don't even try and deny it.)


First, they go to special lengths to make sure they're not seen leaving a club in L.A. together. And then there was the whole thing with Kristen being photographed getting into a car with someone who looked a lot like Rupert Sanders

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Whether it was really him or not (supposedly it was just the dude from the car service), odds are good that Rob wasn't amused with the situation, being that it probably stirred up bad memories and all.

And then there's the source who supposedly overheard Kristen saying she and Rob are getting married -- which is a subject that tends to be kind of frowned upon by dudes who haven't proposed yet. I mean, I know they've been together for like, an eternity and all -- but somehow I'm guessing he'd rather pop the question before she starts running her mouth about them getting hitched.

Yeah, I don't blame poor Rob one bit for wallowing in his own misery these days. But for his sake, let's hope something at least halfway decent happens sometime soon to put a smile back on his face. It would be such a shame if he turns up in tears in the next photo.

Why do you think Rob looks so pouty all of a sudden?


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