'Game of Thrones: Kissed By Fire' Sets Up a Marriage Between the Most Unlikely Couple (VIDEO)

Game of Thrones Kissed by FireCan you believe that, come Sunday, Game of Thrones will be halfway over?! It's unbelievable, and yet kind of sad how I'm measuring my life by this series ... ahem, anyway, episode 5 is entitled "Kissed by Fire," and we can only hope that the momentum will just keep on building after the amazing "And Now His Watch Is Ended" episode that gave Daenerys her big moment in the spotlight.

Everyone was speculating which big scene would take place last week -- so we might as well go ahead and do it again this week. Everyone who has read A Storm of Swords is finally getting some satisfaction from telling all their friends to tune in this season due to how fast-paced and twisted the third book is (only me? is this why I have no friends?). So we can't help but wonder what we're going to see halfway through this already remarkable season.

Here are my predictions. How about yours? Potential SPOILERY SPOILERS ahead!


"Kissed by Fire" refers to Ygritte's red hair, so we're hoping that this is the episode when Jon Snow and Ygriette finally get it on. As a member of the Night's Watch (Jon's doing the whole covertly-spy-on-the-enemy-but-omg-don't-fall-for-the-hot-redhead mission on their behalf), he's not allowed to get it on with anyone; thus by doing so, he's breaking his vows. He's sort of torn up about it, but still, how can you resist a girl who's been kissed by fire? Needless to say, he can't resist for long. We better hear "You know nothing, Jon Snow" before the big moment, though!

Also, we'll most likely see a pretty amazing sword fight between the Hound and Beric Dondarrion, who can light his sword on fiyah! (More fire references, heyo!) Hopefully it'll be a well choreographed battle with some cool visual effects -- and we all know how the Hound feels about fire.

But I think the biggest twist isn't going to be in the action or sex scenes (I know, shocking!). Tywin will get wind of Lady Olenna and Varys' plan to get Loras and Sansa hitched. He'll counter by doing something completely crazy and unpredictable in response ... forcing Sansa to marry his son Tyrion instead! If Robb Stark, Sansa's brother, dies, Sansa's husband will become the new lord of Winterfell, assuming Bran and Rickon are never found.

Now, I love Tyrion and sort of root for Sansa after watching everything she's been through, but there's no way I ever expected them to have to marry each other! Of course, neither is happy with this plan, and I can't wait to see how Peter Dinklage and Sophie Turner handle this enormous twist. Such a game of thrones, indeed.

Here is the preview for episode 5:

Are you excited for "Kissed by Fire"? What do you think will be the best scene?


Image via RickyTVX/YouTube

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