Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Are Getting Married -- According to Her

Kristen StewartOMG. You know those rumors about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson planning a wedding? Well it sounds like they might be -- or at least Kristen thinks so.

Apparently she was overheard saying, "Rob and I will get married." That's what a "source" told Grazia magazine. Turns out there was an eavesdropper in the crowd at Coachella who was hanging on Kristen's every word, which is how this little tidbit of juice was supposedly picked up.

And that's not all the source reports hearing.


He/she also says Kristen was showing off the commitment ring Rob recently gave her for her birthday -- which HAS to mean an engagement ring is the next piece of bling she'll be sporting.

Or is it?

Don't her words seem a little bit forced or something? (If she really did say them.)

"Rob and I will get married." I can't help but wonder if she placed emphasis on the "will"?

Maybe I'm reading too much into her statement, but it almost sounds like she's trying to convince herself that she and Rob are headed in the right direction. By saying out loud that they're planning on tying the knot, it makes it easier for her to actually believe or something.

And based on how private of a person Kristen is, it just seems strange for her to be talking openly about her relationship with Rob in general. If everything is really all roses and unicorns between those two, then she shouldn't have to say anything to convince herself or anyone else that they'll eventually get hitched.

Hmm. On that note, maybe whoever overheard her talking didn't interpret what she was saying correctly -- that is, if this story is really true in the first place. I'm sure there were more than a few girls with boyfriends named Rob at Coachella, so perhaps the source mistook some random gal for Kristen?

It's not like fesitvals that big don't have plenty of skinny, pale brunettes with blank stares on their faces wandering around.

Do you think Kristen really said this, and do you think she and Rob will ever get married?


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