5 Reasons Kanye West Should Never, Ever, Ever Move In With Kim Kardashian's Mom

kris jennerIt looks like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be facing homelessness when the baby arrives. Oh ma gaaa! What will they do?!? Momager to the rescue! Apparently Kris Jenner has invited Kimye to move into her Calabasas home. How cozy -- Kontrolling Kris, Kim, Kanye, and baby makes four. What could possibly go wrong ...

So much. So very, very much could go wrong. Let's imagine what it would look like for Kanye to live with his mother-in-law.


1. Not enough closet space. Let's be real. I'm sure Kris' home is humongous, but there is no way there's enough room in it for all of Kim's clothes AND Kanye's clothes. Plus the baby's luxe layette? Oh no.

2. In our house we use coasters. I'm sure Kanye is very civilized, but you know Kris must have a thousand home rules and no way is anyone getting away with breaking them. "KANYE! I don't care how clean your Gucci loafers are, we all change out of our shoes and into slippers the MOMENT we enter my home."

3. Hidden cameras. Oh, Kanye won't be on Keeping Up? We'll just see about that. Little does he know, Kris has cameras hidden all over that damn house just waiting for the perfect candid camera moment.

4. Eavesdropping is inevitable. How can Kris possibly share a home with Kanye and not want to have a hand in his career? How? She's going to overhear phone conversations and it's going to drive her batty. "Kanye, about that line of socks you're designing ..." "WOMAN! Are you listening in on my calls again? Man, I thought I was safe in the bathroom."

5. Taste. No doubt Kanye has com-puh-leetly different tastes in home decor than his MIL does. And you know how strongly Kanye feels about matters of style. Five minutes of immersion in a design he doesn't approve of, and he breaks out into hives. "F*** this Greek key motif where like it's 2007 ..."

Well fans, we're not the only ones who saw disaster on the horizon. A friend of Kanye's told Hollywood Life, "It’s a nice gesture for them to open up their home to Kanye and Kim and their baby, but that’s not going down." Seems Kanye just hates to impose on anyone. But don't you worry about the Kimye family -- I'm sure they'll find some pretty swell digs while they wait for their new house to be ready.

How long do you think Kanye would last living with his mother-in-law?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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