Jenelle Evans Needs Jail Time to Straighten Her Out

Jenelle EvansI hear the name Jenelle Evans and I just seriously can't help but shake my head anymore. For the last couple months, it really seemed like she and husband Courtland Rogers had their acts together. But after being found with 12 bindles of heroin earlier this week and being arrested for possession, everything's seeming a little dismal.

Despite these new charges, Jenelle's lawyer Dustin Sullivan swears that the 21-year-old Teen Mom star has NOT gotten off easy with the law in the past. This is the same man who tells Wetpaint that after having several trials in the last three years, she's never been found guilty.

Well HELLO, she DEFINITELY shouldn't be getting off easy with the law. I feel like every time I turn around, Jenelle is walking in and out of court rooms and police stations. If you ask me, what this Teen Mom star needs is to sit in a jail cell for a while. A good while.


Let's look at the past here, shall we? This girl has been to rehab. She's been slammed by the media and her zillion Twitter followers for her ridiculous decisions. I'm sure she's gotten an earful from her family, too. It just seems like NOTHING is getting through to her. Just when we have hope that things are actually getting better, BAM, she's found with heroin.

This is the same woman who says she wanted to get better for her son, Jace. Last time I checked, getting mixed up with hard drugs doesn't exactly sound like the way to go about that. It's clear this girl is blinded to how dangerous this life she's living really is. Although I don't know if she'd actually take the time to think things over, at least putting Jenelle in a jail cell for a while will give her an opportunity to do so. Plus, it would also get her away from Courtland, who clearly isn't the best influence.

For now, Jenelle is home -- let out of jail on two $10,000 bonds just days after her arrest. She's charged with simple assault, possession of drug paraphernalia, heroin possession, and simple possession of a controlled substance. I think it's safe to say the girl needs to get it together.

Do you think Jenelle deserves some serious jail time? Do you think it would do her well?


Image via Brunswick County Jail

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