'Scream' TV Series Could Be Fantastic If MTV Doesn't Mess It Up

Scream TV showHey, remember when the Scream movie series was edgy and awesome because it had a humorous meta take on its own franchised self? Well, here's some potentially good news -- MTV has just announced the greenlighting of a Scream TV show. A self-aware movie formula being adapted to a potentially parody-filled television series? You guys, this could be seriously interesting and fun.

Of course, it could easily be a giant festering pile of steaming small-screen dog feces, too. But while the Scream spinoff isn't exactly a sure thing yet, I'm feeling tentatively bullish about what it might eventually deliver.


The good news is that MTV's teaming up with Dimension Films for the TV reboot, and that's the same studio that delivered the original Scream quadrilogy. Also, Dimension's in talks with Wes Craven to reprise his role as director for the show's pilot.

The not-so-great news is that there's no writer onboard yet, therefore no plot or script. Basically the only thing being officially greenlit -- for a summer 2014 debut, no less -- is the nebulous idea of revamping the movie's brand for television … and airing it on the same network that's known for Teen Mom and Jersey Shore.

On the other hand, MTV's had some success with its other dust-gathering-franchise-turned-TV-series, Teen Wolf, so they've got experience with introducing new viewers to an established storyline. And Scream has all the elements that should make it appealing to the MTV demographic, right? Attractive teen stars in peril who satirize the cliché of the horror genre? Hey, someone's still buying tickets to those seemingly endless Scary Movie sequels, so this thing has a built-in audience straight out of the chute.

Of course, a Scary Movie type of show would suck a lot of ass, because those movies are frickin awful. But something legitimately unique with some bloody meta-humor that's like the original Scream -- or Cabin in the Woods -- would be fantastically watchable.

With the right casting and some decent writing, I think a Scream series could join the likes of Buffy in terms of cultish devotion. Let's just not dwell on the fact that it's going to a network that just announced their new show Guy Court ("real stories about the laws of manhood being compromised") … and a third season of Snooki & JWOWW.

What do you think about a Scream TV show? Do you think it has potential?

Image via Dimension Films

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