Kristen Stewart Should Live in Robert Pattinson's 'Shadow' for the Sake of Their Relationship

kristen stewartKristen Stewart has had an undeniably rocky year, so it's no wonder she seems to be seeking some downtime these days. She's dropped out of the upcoming film, Focus, and sources say she did it to prove to Robert Pattinson that she aims to prioritize him. Meanwhile, relationship expert and advice columnist Diana Falzone is super-supportive of KStew putting her career on hold. She tells, "I think she needs to chill out! She’s had so much fame, so much media attention, that maybe living a little bit in his shadow may not be the worse thing for her or their relationship.”

Interesting. Usually we hear how living in your partner's shadow is a horrible idea, destined to create power struggles and pollute your relationship. But it does seem to work for some couples ... 


Take Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, for instance. Okay, so she's not totally in Ben's shadow. She's still got paparazzi chasing her down all the time, and she still gets to wear designer gowns down the red carpet, and I'm sure she's still getting offers for work here and there, but the fact of the matter is that her acting career has taken a back seat while Ben steps into the limelight for a while. And they've been raving about how that's working out for them. Granted, they are also raising their three kiddos, which isn't of KStew and RPattz's concern currently (although they are "parents" to two doggies). But it's still similar.

As Diana Falzone went onto suggest:

The emphasis is [a] temporary setback to her career -- I think if she just takes a couple of months, hangs out with him and really re-establishes that bond, they’ll be fine.

I kinda love that. Although one partner being more successful than the other for too long can certainly create strain, there's nothing wrong with a temporary, little "break," wherein one person takes the backseat on breadwinning and takes on a different role to bolster the relationship. It can actually work wonders. My future husband is in a union and occasionally gets some downtime between jobs, and sometimes, him being off and able to help in other ways is a lifesaver!

That said, I doubt Kristen would want to keep her career on the backburner for that long, and she shouldn't. But she should definitely consider doing it in the short-term if it will make her happier and their relationship healthier.

How do you feel about one partner "living in the other's shadow"?


Image via Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

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