How Jennifer Love Hewitt Will Use Her ‘Assets’ to Be the Hottest 'X Factor' Judge Ever

Ericka Sóuter | Apr 25, 2013 Celebrities

jennifer love hewittWhen I heard that Simon Cowell wanted to replace X Factor judge Britney Spears, several stars came to mind. Ke$ha. Carly Rae Jepsen. Hell, I'd even understand if he perused the castoffs from Glee. But turns out, he's not even looking for a singer -- or at least a successful one anyway. Cowell reportedly wants Jennifer Love Hewitt to join X Factor's panel of mentors. It didn't make much sense at first. She's an actress. I don't really count her failed attempt at a pop career. (Her single "Let's Go Bang" was dreadful!) Though, after giving it more thought, J Love just might be the perfect new judge. Seriously. Here's why. 

Do you think J. Love will be a good judge?


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  • Her sweet and perky nature will balance Simon's snarkiness


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    Jennifer seems like she has a gentle, sensitive spirit. After getting your heart handed to you by Simon, it's nice to turn to a judge that will at least try to find something nice to say.

  • She has amazing cleavage


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    As sexist as it sounds, a nice rack is a serious perk if you are a woman in the entertainment industry. Jen certainly knows how to showcase hers.

  • She has music cred


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    You may not be a huge fan of her music, but that doesn't discount the fact she has made four albums. So she clearly knows the biz.

  • She's totally likeable


    If stars like Britney Spears have taught us one thing, it's that being likeable is way more valuable than actual singing talent. J Love has the ability to come off as the coolest chick around. That's something X Factor contestants should emulate.

  • She's no pushover


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    Don't let that sweet smile fool you. She can be as nasty as she is nice if you rub her the wrong way. So I have no doubt she will show her mentees some tough love when they need it.

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