Kim Kardashian Shouldn't Hate Kanye for Dissing Her Reality Show

Kanye West and Kim KardashianThere is nothing that goes on with the Kardashians that doesn't become public information. Heck, I guess you could say the same thing for a lot of reality stars. The second the cameras come into your home and take over your life, everything is pretty much fair game. I can only imagine what it's like to date someone whose entire life is public information. Yes, I'm lookin' at you, Mr. West.

Allegedly Kanye wants nothing to do with the cameras that come along with girlfriend and mother of his child, Kim Kardashian. Sure, he was on the show when he was trying to woo the middle sister, but now that they're head over heels, he feels no need to succumb to the pressures of reality TV and says doing so would "ruin his brand."

Yeah, I can see how that attitude can come off as a little snobbish. I don't blame him, though. I see nothing wrong with Kanye staying off-camera and keeping his personal business personal.


I kind of feel for Kanye here (that's a sentence I never thought I'd say). The man may be a megastar, but he too is entitled to some privacy. There is a certain kind of fame that comes with being a reality star, and that's not something that interests the rapper turned fashion designer. If Kanye wants to jet off to Paris, work on his designs, and do it without cameras around -- I say let the man live.

With all this said, though, Kanye's feelings toward the reality show don't make him a bad guy. They also don't indicate anything about his feelings for Kim. Kanye knew what his girlfriend was involved with when he started dating her and fell in love with her just the same. Just because he doesn't want to be on camera doesn't mean he doesn't respect her desire to be on camera. It's just a balance that the two of them are going to have to work out together.

Do you think Kanye is right to stay away from reality TV?


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