10 Things That Will Make 'Real Housewives' Cry

Julie Ryan Evans | Apr 25, 2013 Celebrities

Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan and Alex McCordWhen it comes to Real Housewives of each and every city, you can count on a couple of things -- Botox and tears. Sometimes the Botox makes it difficult to know if they're crying from sadness, anger, or laughter, but we've seen more than a few Housewives with mascara-smeared faces over the years.

Sometimes we'd like to reach through our screens to comfort them, while other times we just want to slap them for getting themselves into the situation that's so upsetting to them. Regardless, with so many putting on such tough exteriors, it (usually) makes them seem a bit more human when they do break down. Of course, sometimes it just makes them more dramatic too.

So what makes a Real Housewife cry -- whether for real or just for effect? Oh, let us count the ways. At least up to 10. Here are 10 things that make the ladies weep.

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