Brandi Glanville Says She Won’t Fall for Her Ex Again

Brandi GlanvilleAt this point it's no secret that half of the things Brandi Glanville says are for attention. I mean -- she's a reality star, it's the nature of the business. With that said, though, the Real Housewives star took to Twitter the other day to stir the pot a little bit. Offering some words of advice to her 350,000+ followers, she tweeted: "If an 'ex' reaches back out to u with a 'hey' or 'sup' text, do not fall 4 it! They don't want you back they just want 2 make sure ur still invested."

Hmmm, an ex hitting up Brandi? Of course -- our first thought goes to ex-husband Eddie Cibrian. Amidst wife LeAnn Rimes' reality show dreams, could he have a wandering eye? Who knows.

I will say this: as hard as it is to come to terms with, Brandi has a point. If a chunk of time's gone by, it's very rare that an ex reaching out to you is a GOOD thing.


Getting over a breakup can be hard. When time passes and you both move on -- it can be alarming to see a message pop up from an old flame when you least expect it. In that moment, thoughts of the old feelings dance through your mind and your heart skips a beat.

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The reality? Oftentimes an ex is texting you because something else isn't going the way they hoped it to be. Sure, there are certain instances where ex-lovers become good friends -- I won't deny that. But in most situations, your partner just wants to see if they can gauge your interest again. My friends and I call it an "emotional booty call," when a man you've been with in the past is looking to feel good about himself, and he hopes you'll give him that boost.

So it's your choice: You can either cave to the text, chat it up, do you. Or you could ignore it. It's important to think of what you want to come from the interaction, and if it'll leave you off in a better or worse place. Sometimes, the "I miss you" you're hoping for doesn't feel as good once the words are actually said.

Do you keep in touch with your exes? Do you think Brandi and Eddie are texting?


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