Alexander Skarsgard's New Fling Is NOTHING Like Ellen Page

alexander skarsgardWhat did Alexander Skarsgard eat for breakfast this morning? Sadly, I can't say for sure. (Though I imagine it involved lingonberry jam and perhaps some sort of pickled herring, because Alexander Skarsgard is my mind's official ambassador to all things Swedish.) What kind of toothpaste did Alexander Skarsgard brush his teeth with after feasting on pickled fish? Again, I have no definitive proof ... but probably some magical sparkly formula available only to descendants of Norse gods. Swooon. Point is, while there are many shameful gaps in my knowledge of ASkars' day-to-day activities, I do have one rather fascinating fact to share with you today, and it ain't good news for Ellen Page. (Who I'm sure is a lovely person. Nothing against her personally ... just for the record. It's not like I've ever sent her any mysterious packages.)

Anyway. So, Alexander Skarsgard was apparently spotting spending some quality time recently with ... somebody who is definitely NOT Ellen Page!


Nope, not Ellen Page at all!! When Alexanders Skarsgard checked out an art gallery in West Hollywood earlier this week, the petite brunette was nowhere to be seen. Instead, a mystery blonde woman was by his side -- CLOSE by his side -- who actually looked like she could be the True Blood star's sister! (Further investigation revealed she is not, in fact, his sister.)

Still, this makes perfect sense, given the actor's avowed affinity for his homeland and its very attractive female natives. His gallery-hopping gal fits the bill, big-time. The two were even dressed in practically identical outfits! (White tops, blue jeans.)

Oh, Ellen Page ... Adjö' sa lä' nge! (That's "goodbye" in Swedish. Which the new girl probably knows how to speak.)

Do you think Alexander Skarsgard is having a non-Ellen Page fling?


Image via Splash

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