Lea Michele Encouraged Cory Monteith to Clean Up His Act So They Can Have Babies

lea michele cory monteithRachel Berry may have been relieved to find out that she wasn't pregnant recently on Glee, but apparently, Lea Michele has babies on the brain. She reportedly has something of an "ulterior motive" for encouraging Cory Monteith to go to rehab. A source close to the on- and off-screen lovebirds told HollywoodLife.com, "Not only does Lea want Cory to get better for his personal well-being, she also wants to get pregnant, and she thinks that Cory is the one and would be a wonderful father -- and the sooner he is better, the sooner they can start a family!"

Wow! That seems uh … fast. These two are clearly not in the right place to be thinking about a kiddo yet, but hey, you've gotta give Lea credit for thinking ahead and for nudging him to take care of his substance abuse problems now.


Lea's been Cory's rock for some time. Earlier this month, InTouch reported that Lea is "very much the engine in the relationship. She's been worried about him for a long time." Aww! Their current challenges may not resemble the happy fairytale ending of any of our favorite shows or rom-coms, but what all of this does say to me is that Lea must really love him.

We all want to believe that we'll be able to navigate all the rough spots we encounter in our relationship together, as partners, but it doesn't always work like that. Sometimes one person has to be the engine. They have to step up, take charge of the situation, and tell their partner how things are going to be. "You're going to quit that long-time bad habit, we're both going to go to couples' counseling, and I'm going to do XYZ to keep it all together." Whatever it is -- you make the game plan and take the steps to ensure that you both follow through, as a team. Because you'll both be better off and your relationship stronger for it.

That said, not sure about the baby thing just yet, but sounds like they're taking all the right steps to some day, down the road, be in awesome shape to become healthy, happy parents.

Have you ever had to be the "engine" in your relationship?


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