Alexander Skarsgard Sings in Swedish & It’s as Hot as It Sounds (VIDEO)

Alexander Skarsgard singingIf you're having a bad day, this is going to make it so much better. But if you're mad at your husband/boyfriend/partner, I'd suggest holding off on watching this because it will most likely make you even angrier with him. Said video involves a handsome man singing, and there really is nothing greater in this universe than that. Behold, True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard singing. In Swedish. Yes. It's true. This exists.

Anyone who's a fan of True Blood knows how sweltering Alex, aka sexy vampire Eric Northman, is every time he appears on screen. He's so tall and flawless and ... tall ... and would definitely beat out Robert Pattinson in the eternal suffering/angsty department. Who knew he'd actually be fun to look at and listen to?? Are the gods so kind?

Apparently they are! I really have nothing more to say, and after you see this clip, you'll see why.



Thank you, Alex. Thank you, Popcorn With Peter Travers. Thank you, universe. I can die happy now.

As if we needed any other reason to get more excited about the upcoming season of True Blood. No idea what Eric's singing, but who cares. I mean, he can actually carry a tune! And is so cute doing so. And let me just point out how ridiculously long his legs look in that chair. And lament a little how Travers got the luckiest invite ever with Skarsgard asking him to go to a "football" game with him next time he's in Stockholm. Dude, where the hell do I sign up for that?? Off to buy my plane tickets and attend my Swedish 101 class for now ...

Did you know Alexander Skarsgard could sing? How hot is this man?


Image via ABC

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