Robert Pattinson's Mad Face Hopefully Isn't a Sign Kristen Stewart Cheated Again

kristen stewart robert pattinsonThere are photos floating around of a very somber-looking Robert Pattinson at LAX. It's being speculated that Rob's long face is thanks to other photos that are floating around of Kristen Stewart getting into the car with Rupert Sanders or a dude who bears an uncanny resemblance to Rupert Sanders. Rob is obviously going to see Kristen, as she's currently in L.A. too, and all I have to say is: If it winds up that Kristen was hanging out with Rupert, and Rob does take her back, I will throw up. Then cry. Then sue Kristen.


Okay, first, let's just get it out there that it still remains unknown as to whether or not Kristen was hanging out with Sanders. Some are saying the guy was just a valet, but hot damn, the man looks a lot like her former lover. And Kristen is seen getting into a black Acura, and Sanders supposedly has a black Acura. It's all very weird, but still -- innocent until proven guilty, I guess.

But back to Rob. Poor, sweet, innocent Rob. The man cannot handle another cheating scandal. He won't handle another cheating scandal. We won't let him. If Kristen did have the gall to hang out with the man she had an affair with behind Rob's (and Liberty Ross's) back, RPattz needs to be done. Finito. Hasta luego, KStew. Have a nice life. 

Ah, but then again, these are just pics of a dude not smiling in an airport. Do you smile in airports? Do you like airports? Maybe Rob was just tired? Maybe the airline lost his luggage? Maybe he was hoping Jamba Juice would be open and it wasn't? The reasons behind his frown are endless.

But seriously, if Kristen did do something shady, Rob needs to be done -- forever. Fool him once, shame on you. Fool him twice, shame on him.

Do you think Kristen was hanging out with Rupert?

Image via accidentalpaparazzi/Flickr

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