Kate Middleton Will Make Crazy History if She Gives Birth to a Girl

kate middletonNot sure if you heard, but Kate Middleton, that lady who married Prince William, happens to be pregnant right now. And as luck would have it, if she gives birth to a girl, the little royal darling will eventually be the Queen of England. See, for centuries the rule has been that only male children could be the successors to the throne, but now that law is thisclose to changing -- and the timing couldn't be better.


The bill was fast-tracked through Parliament and on Monday passed a third and final reading in the House of Lords. As of now, the legislation is simply awaiting approval from Queen Elizabeth II. The goal is to have it passed before Kate gives birth in July. It would be pretty shocking if the Queen didn't sign off on this ruling, so as far as I'm concerned, Wills and Kate just made history! And all I can say is: It's about damn time.

To say the law that only male children can become heirs to the throne is antiquated is the understatement of the century. (It dates back to 1701.) It would seem insane for the Duchess of Cambridge to give birth to a girl who wouldn't become Queen one day. After all, she, just like a male, will be the child of Prince William, the current heir.

Since Kate has become part of the royal family, we've all been so busy obsessing over her hair (which, let's face it, is insanely shiny) and her clothes. But right now, she and her unborn child are making history. Our kids will read about this moment in text books one day -- that's pretty cool.

It didn't seem possible, but this has actually made Kate's pregnancy a little more exciting. If passed, whomever she gives birth to will be an heir to the throne. And also -- it's so obvious she's having a girl!

What do you think of this?

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