‘Game of Thrones’ Rom Com Plays Up the ‘Romance’ Between Jaime & Brienne (VIDEO)

Game of Thrones Jaime BrienneWell here's something that's going to make your day -- as long as you're a Game of Thrones fan and can spare an extra 60 seconds. Because this new trailer is pretty cheesy and hilarious and something a lot of Game of Thrones fans might actually want to see. It's a question we've all asked ourselves time and again: Will Jaime and Brienne, the oddest couple on television, ever hook up?

Jaime is one of the least likable characters on Game of Thrones -- he betrayed his king, shoved a young kid out of a tower, and has sex with his sister. Brienne, on the other hand, is one of the most honorable, though Jaime has no problem making fun of how tall, unattractive, and brutish she is. Still, they both make each other more likable, and they're there for each other in a way that makes this series so brilliant. Their relationship is not supposed to work, but it does. You'll see what I mean in a second.


Here's the trailer for the upcoming Jaime & Brienne rom-com spoof:

Throne Together. Classic shit.

I mean, why not, right? They banter, they fight, they look deep into each other's eyes while threatening to kill each other, Jaime says things like, "The things I do for love" and "We don't get to choose who we love", he's got pet names for Brienne like "wench" -- I actually think far worse rom-coms have been made, so why not give this one a shot? At least the characters are brave and complex, there'd be BDSM with some rope involved, they both are into sword fighting, and we'd get so much love/hate sexual tension between the two that few would be able to resist rooting for their innate, intense, burning love for each other.

And you have to wonder: Who will be on top? Like I said, pretty sure I've seen worse.

FYI: This was produced as part of VH1's April 19 episode of Best Week Ever. Thanks for putting that together, guys!

And if that didn't do anything for ya, here's a silly video of Brienne and Jaime fighting with lightsabers. Oh, the Internet:

Think Jaime and Brienne need to finally hook up?


Image via Bryan Luche/YouTube

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