Kim Kardashian's Sexy New Maternity Look May Be Her Best Yet (PHOTO)

kim kardashian tuxedo dressI have a theory: Kim Kardashian seems to be abiding by the number one fashion rule women try to follow when they're striving to look slimmer. She's thrown all color out the window and has been seen sporting only black over the past week or so. Wouldn't be surprised if it was in response to all the ridiculous chatter about her pregnancy weight. At any rate, many of the black outfits she's been opting for have been flattering.

Take this shiny tuxedo coat dress get-up she wore to the E! Upfronts in NYC yesterday. Sure, on paper, it sounds all sorts of ridiculous. But look! It's really cute! Even -- dare I say it -- Kate Middleton-esque?!


Okay, okay. I'll be the first to argue that it's all sorts of crazy to compare Kim and Kate -- for a slew of reasons, but also because their bodies and pregnant shapes are nothing alike. But I'm just saying this tailored, A-line, feminine silhouette is a bit reminiscent of the Duchess's look. And it's definitely becoming on Kim.

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Even though she's had a rough time and has complained of pain through her pregnancy, she looks radiant here. And even if she doesn't feel it, this dress has a way of creating such a sophisticated, pulled together, polished look. Plus, it's a nice change of pace from her usual skintight style. It may even be comfortable! Huh ... now I'm convinced. Every woman -- pregnant or not -- might consider getting one of these tuxedo coat dresses! Mark my words: Kim Kardashian's starting a trend here.

What do you think about this style choice?


Image via Richie Buxo/Splash News

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