'True Blood' Season 6 Spoilers: Which 'Favorite Characters' Will Meet the True Death?! (VIDEO)

alexander skarsgard

Fifty-four days. We're down to 54 days, you guys!!! Fifty-four. Days. Until. Season. Six. Of. True Blood! June 16!! June 16, baby. So don't make any plans for June 16 unless those plans involve sitting on a couch with your eyeballs glued to the TV!! Especially because the latest spoilers promise some pretty major changes to the Bon Temps we all know and love. And hookah, those motherf**kin' changes ain't all gonna be pretty.


According to Ryan Kwanten, a.k.a. Jason Stackhouse, "There are more deaths" in season 6. "Some favorite characters may not last." (Probably when Kwanten said this, he was shirtless and had that Whuuuut? look on his face.) He ALSO hinted at the show "getting back to the supernatural elements" of the earlier season. 

Okay, so, obviously all we wanna know is WHICH favorite characters?! Because if Eric is on the list ... I don't even want to talk about it. Nor do I want to even want to entertain the possibility of anything happening to Lafayette, Pam, or Terry.

Alexander Skarsgard wasn't spilling any secrets during a recent interview with Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers (who seems to have an odd obsession with Swedish accents). All he had to say on the subject? “We run for ten episodes in season 6 ... It’s a great season.”

ASkars, you so sly! Anyway, he totally makes up for the tight-lipped thing at the end of this interview when he SINGS IN SWEDISH. Yep. Trust me, you will never be the same after watching the clip below.

Which characters do you expect to die in season 6 of True Blood?

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