Is the Size of Kate Middleton's Baby Bump Cause for Concern? (VIDEO)

Kate MiddletonKate Middleton's pregnancy style has been impeccable so far, and the pricey flowered Erdem dress she wore to a school that offers counseling programs for students who live with drug addicted parents was super cool and cute. But people can't stop talking about her baby bump and the fact that it's not ginormous like so many other celebrities we've seen lately -- such as the bumps of Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson. By contrast the Duchess, who is six months along, instead looks about three months along.


A small baby bump could be completely normal -- or not. A bump that is much smaller than average could be a sign of not having enough amniotic fluid. But it could also mean nothing. Could be your baby is lying in a position that doesn't lend itself to a huge bump. Could mean you have a small baby. However, a small bump could also mean your baby isn't growing. High blood pressure can also cause the blood vessels to constrict, also making the bump seem smaller.

Pregnant women should get their baby bumps checked as often as their doctor recommends it to look for signs that the baby is not developing properly. No doubt Kate has excellent doctors and is getting checked every step of the way.

Even if her small bump is indicative of not enough amniotic fluid or that the baby isn't growing normally, I'm sure she and the baby will get the best care imaginable.

A small bump isn't any more of an indicator of an unhealthy pregnancy than a large one is -- large bumps can also mean too much amniotic fluid or diabetes. Or it could just mean you've got a big baby, or one who is lying sideways.

And some women go most of their pregnancy looking small and then suddenly erupt like a small mountain in the last weeks of their pregnancies. That could happen to Kate too.

So everyone chill out. Kate is walking around and doing her royal duties, so she's most likely fine.

Did you have a large or small bump?


Image via SkyNews/YouTube

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