Porsha Stewart’s Divorce Sends Her Into a Shame Spiral But It Shouldn’t

porsha stewartOh Porsha Stewart -- finding out from Twitter your husband Kordell Stewart is dumping you. You poor thing. THAT just happened. Which means now you have to go on TV and talk about it, because that's your job.

What's it like to see your whole beautiful fairy-tale marriage come crashing down around you in such a big, splashy, public way? "I feel heartbroken and at times I feel ashamed," says Stewart.


Ashamed! Why? He's the one who should be ashamed. Kordell filed for divorce without telling Porsha, and then he couldn't even admit it to her face. Porsha says when she saw all the rumors flying on Twitter, she asked Kordell if they were true -- in a totally non-confrontational way, she says. "It was me simply asking my husband, 'Had you filed?' which seemed crazy coming out of my mouth."

Not so crazy, it turns out. He had filed on March 29, but he was too chicken shit to mention it to her, even then. "He said he thought about it and we’ll talk about it later and he left for work. I had to call my attorney to find out." Yeah. You know what? Everyone, I have an important announcement to make.


But let's get back to Porsha. She says she feels ashamed sometimes because of the way she'd portrayed her marriage to the public. "Because I put myself out there to the world as a wife and I was proud to be married, and for it to end the way it did, it's almost like a failure in a way." Well, I can see that. On the other hand, I think Porsha should give herself some credit for being in that marriage 100 percent.

Like any NORMAL woman, Porsha also started wanting to become a more complete person. She loved being Kordell's wife, but she also wanted babies and a career. He was too selfish and immature to go there with her -- he wanted HIS fairy tale of a wife who lives just for him. Who knew? Men believe in fairy tales, too. I say, good riddance, Porsha. Kordell was too controlling anyway.

Do you think Porsha should feel ashamed about her divorce?


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