Kristen Stewart Seen Getting Into Car With Rupert Sanders Lookalike

Kristen StewartWhile the boyfriend's away, Kristen will play? Again?! Media outlets are abuzz that Kristen Stewart is up to her old tricks again -- with her old trick! Anyone remember the name Rupert Sanders?!! Paparazzi have possibly caught KStew up to no good again, with the same guy she was up to no good with last year. Or ... he's Rupert's doppelganger. After spending the night with friends at a Mexican restaurant, Kristen left and got into a car with a guy who looks suspiciously like Rupert. At least ... from a distance.


The car also looks just like a car owned by Rupert. And boyfriend Robert Pattinson is apparently out of town. So ... you do the math!

Let's take a trip down memory lane ... last year, Kristen rocked Twihards everywhere by having some kind of affair or at least hookup session with her married director of Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders. Rob and KStew split up over it, but seem to be more together now than ever. I mean, they actually displayed a little PDA at Coachella!

Rupert's wife, Liberty Ross, wasn't as forgiving. She filed for divorce and is now dating music producer Jimmy Iovine.

So would Kristen really risk meeting up with Rupert again knowing that paps trail her every move?! Honestly, I doubt it. She'd have to be in complete and utter denial to try that again.

Readers at the Daily Mail are theorizing that the man in the car is actually the valet driver, but that makes no sense since Kristen gets into the passenger seat. Others point out differences in Rupert's black Acura, and the car that Kristen is seen getting into. Says one reader:

That's not the same car. The Acura he drives has a completely different front to this car, the lights a thinner and there is no grill visable from the side, like the car she's getting into.

Adds another:

Not the same car. The front valance, below the bumper, isn't from an Acura, and the door mirrors are different. The headlights appear to be a different shape, too. Doesn't mean it wasn't him, but its not the same car.

Oooh, you have to love the Internet sleuths!

Another asks, reasonably enough, why the photographer just didn't take a picture of the license plate so it could be compared with Rupert's. Seriously, people?! If it is Kristen and Rupert, they're not committing any crime. Though, yes, it might make more sense to check things out further before making insinuations.

Then there's the strange possibility that these two are friends and Rob is fine with that. It does happen sometimes!

Do you think this is Rupert?

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