Miley Cyrus Ditches Engagement Ring Again but It May Not Mean What We Think

miley cyrusPixie cut extraordinaire Miley Cyrus was seen without her engagement ring on recently, so naturally, she and Liam Hemsworth hate each other's guts and have broken up. Just kidding. Maybe. There are rumors that the two are having problems and have postponed their upcoming nuptials, but -- sometimes you just don't feel like wearing your engagement ring. Simple as that.


I don't wear my engagement and/or wedding ring every day. My husband and I are not on the rocks, nor have we ever been on the rocks, and I'm not trying to send some "I'm available" message. It's just -- I don't always want jewelry on. Jewelry can be really annoying.

Some women are cool with sleeping in their rings, and I applaud them, because for the life of me, I don't know how anyone goes to bed at night with a ring on. I wish I could do it. But it would be a cold day in hell before I fell asleep with a band around my finger.

I love all my rings. Really, I do. One of the bands actually belongs to my late mother, and it's a beautiful reminder of her every time I look down at it. But some days, I just don't feel like wearing them for the sheer reason that I don't feel like wearing them. If I'm dressed up and going out, of course I put them on. But on a random, casual day, they don't always make their way 'round my fingie.

That said, it does seem like Miley and Liam are having issues. They should work on that.

Do you wear your engagement ring every day?


Image via JPAvocat/Flickr

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