LeAnn Rimes Tweets Anniversary Gift Because It's Not Love Until You Tweet It (PHOTO)

LeAnn RimesJudging by LeAnn Rimes' tweets about her husband, Eddie Cibrian, these two are on the verge of divorce. Haha. Kidding! They're actually madly in love. I mean, you only have to see her tweets to know this. Because people who are madly in love share it with the world! And share, and share, and share! Naw, they don't keep it to themselves. Whoever said that if you're confident about something, you don't have to brag about it is full of crapola! You let everyone know! And if your husband's ex-wife, who hates your guts, just happens to see it -- oh well, that can't be helped.


Believe it or not, folks, LeAnn and Eddie have now been married for two blissful years. To each other. I'm not including Brandi Glanville and Dean Sheremet, whom they were married to when they began hooking up. Hey, they're not the first people to have an affair, they won't be the last, and we should all just get over it. But not until we're done reading this post.

So LeAnn tweeted a picture of her anniversary gift from Eddie: Two silver frames containing last year's anniversary photos and a card saying "What Is Love". She also included the message:


Yeah, I'm not so sure what that garbled message meant either. Did LeAnn graduate high school? Anyway, LeAnn has been on a tear lately with the icky gooey tweets that are meant to show how in lurv she is. Here's a few more:

-Being in love is the definition of #magic

-Our 2 year anniversary is tmrw. Wow, time has flown! I'm so proud [of] us and excited to celebrate.

-Thank you all for the anniversary wishes. It's a happy day!

I know, it's all quite suspicious, ain't it? Like those gag-worthy Facebook couples who can't stop gushing about each other? Like Heidi and Seal right before they divorced?

We're on to you, nauseating couples. We know the more you blab about your endless love, the more you're just trying to convince yourself of it. As for true, time-tested, genuinely enduring love, this can mostly be found in unadorned sentiments such as, "Get me a beer, woman," or "I haven't seen my husband in three days and I'd like to keep it that way."

Are you suspicious of couples who publicly proclaim their love?


Image via LeAnn Rimes Cibrian/Twitter

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