Jenelle Evans' Husband Appears to Be Sweet-Talking Her Mom Too! (VIDEO)

Jenelle Evans Courtland RogersI've gotta admit, I'm surprised. For the last month and change, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans and her husband Courtland Rogers have been kind of ... normal. Well, as normal as they can be. Their days have consisted of waking up, making Keek videos, tweeting about their intense love for each other -- all the things that an MTV star dreams about (unless you're Farrah Abraham, then you want more).

Well it seems that Courtland is trying to be cool with Jenelle's family too. The Teen Mom star recently posted a video of her husband and her mom Barbara chatting it up on a Sunday drive around town. Considering Jenelle's former boyfriends haven't had the best relationships with her mom -- this is big. Looks like Courtland is scoring major points here (and has some interesting input on what makes a great burger). 

The question: Is Courtland REALLY about being the perfect man for Jenelle? Or is that what he just wants his fans to think?


For me, it's hard to separate Courtland and Jenelle from their massive MTV Teen Mom fan base. The couple sits together at dinner tweeting at each another, for crying out loud. If they only cared about one another, they wouldn't feel the need to proclaim it all over every single form of social media every single second of every single day.

So while it appears here that Courtland doesn't know Jenelle is filming, it wouldn't surprise me if he's the one who influenced her to put such a blah conversation online. After all they've been through, even with the assault charges, Jenelle is trying to prove to the world that she and her husband can make it. And of course, that's what Courtland wants too -- not to be the bad guy.

Do I hope he genuinely cares for her mother and her family? Of course. But I'm not positive how long this whole thing can last with their track record.

Watch Courtland and Barbara's car conversation, here:

Apr 17, 2013 | Lmfao OMG look at Barbara and Courtlands convo. , he kills her with kindness. :) by nellzevans on

Do you think this is going to last? Is it important to you that your partner and family get along?


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