Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Is So Bad She's Urging Khloe to Adopt (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian has dropped some major hints here and there that her pregnancy hasn't been easy -- but who knew how bad it really was?! The reality star, due this summer, told Ryan Seacrest that her pregnancy has been so horrible that she's called Khloe and warned her not to get pregnant. Says Kim: "I'll call her and say 'Don't do it! You're so lucky.'" She admitted that she's encouraged Khloe to adopt or use a surrogate. Wow. How bad could things be? Very bad, apparently.


Kim says she was waiting for the "amazing experience" of pregnancy, but instead it's been a nightmare. Kim seems to have one of those pregnancies where "everything hurts." She told Seacrest:

I've had a lot of pain, everywhere. I'm in pain, physically.

Khloe added that Kim has pain in her back, breasts, stomach, feet, head, eyes and nails. Ugh!

I have a friend this happened to. I remember her telling me, while she was pregnant, that her eyes hurt. In fact, she could no longer wear contacts. Eeek! Khloe also says that Kim is "crying all of the time." (And we're sure this isn't from Kim's body clinging pregnancy outfits?)

It's crazy how different pregnancy is for everyone. In fact, Kim shouldn't be warning Khloe against it any more than Kourtney should have told Kim what a breeze the whole thing is. "It's scaring me to death," said Khloe, who has longed to get pregnant. I wonder if she'll reconsider now.

The odd thing is that my friends who have had brutal pregnancies seem to forget about it as soon as the baby arrives. And a year or two later, they're planning another! Sadly, it's their friends who have to listen to the gripes and complaints who remember all of the nasty details of the pregnancy, while the new moms manage to block it all out of their minds. So, moms, give us a break with these horror stories!

That said, I think Kim is pretty brave for telling the world about her less-than-perfect pregnancy. A lot of little girls want to emulate her, and maybe her pregnancy will be something they won't want to try and copy if they listen to the grisly details of it.

This is your body on baby, kids. It's not always pleasant.

What was your pregnancy like?

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