Kim Kardashian Gives Kris Humphries What He Deserves In Divorce

Kim KardashianWell, we all know by know that Kim Kardashian is finally a free woman. Her divorce from Kris Humphries was finalized this week, so she no longer has to worry about the basketball star being her husband of record when she gives birth to Kanye West's baby. But now the details of the the divorce settlement are coming out, and it looks like Kris got exactly what he deserved.

Well, exactly what you'd expect for a guy who didn't even bother to show up at his own divorce hearing, that is.


Yup, a week after Kris was a no-show at a mandatory court appearance in his case with Kim, he pulled another no-show this week. This time he sent his lawyer, Benjamin Johnson, who was able to not only agree to the divorce on his client's behalf but also get an order that Kris appear and explain why he'd missed last week's hearing dropped. Kim reportedly stepped in on Kris' behalf and convince the judge not to fine him for the no show -- sounds like girlfriend just REALLY wanted this over with.

Which was more or less the only good news for Kris. Turns out the Brooklyn Nets player is reportedly getting nothing out of the divorce except the ability to legally marry someone else.

Got that? Nothing.

Not the $7 million he was asking for at one point.

No money to cover his legal fees.


And you know what? That seems fair.

It's not like Kris helped Kim build up the Dash empire here. He was hitched to her for 72 DAYS. It takes longer than that to build your average house; forget the many businesses where Kim makes her money.

And as a basketball player in the NBA, it's not like Kris exactly depended on Kim to help him pay his bills. He got a $24 million re-signing bonus from the Nets last year. A stay at home mom who gave up her earning potential to raise the kids he is not.

Each of them are reportedly going to have to pay their own legal fees, but otherwise, it's over. She's free!

Do you think Kris should have gotten more or is this just right?


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