Hilarious 'Mad Men' Spoof: What If Don Draper Used Facebook? (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Apr 20, 2013 Celebrities

mad men season 6 episode 3 the collaboratorsOne of the most appealing aspects of Mad Men, at least for me, is that for an hour a week, we get to step back in time. To a time that was eeriely similar in many ways (political unrest, violence playing out on TVs across the nation, etc.) and very different in others. One of the best ways in which its different is that as frequently as Don Draper and the SDCP gang may be smoking cigarettes and pouring scotch, so many of our modern obsessions are missing. No smartphones, laptops, FACEBOOK in sight! What a nice breather!

But what if the Drapers and everyone in their world did have Facebook? What might that look like? HappyPlace.com has taken it upon themselves to imagine that -- by doing recaps of the first three episodes of season 6 via a newsfeed filled with status updates, shared photos, "likes," and check-ins. And it made my day. If you're any sort of faithful MM fan, it will make yours, too. Here, some of the highlights from the Mad Men Facebook recaps ...

Did this crack you up?

Image via AMC

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