Ryan Lochte's Dopey New Interview Leaves News Anchors Crying With Laughter (VIDEO)

Ryan Lochte interview Good Day Philly
I just have to come out with this: I think Ryan Lochte is an airhead. I'm sorry! I am. It's comical considering how obsessed I was with him during the 2012 Summer Games. There he was, this handsome guy who splashing through the 400-meter freestyle relay like it was no big thang. Now with his own reality show What Would Ryan Lochte Do? set to debut on E! this Sunday night, the swimmer has proved to be ... sort of a dufus.

Take his ridiculous interview with Good Day Philly. The purpose? To promote his new show. The outcome? A full-out laugh fest where the news anchors break out into uncontrollable laughter and even tears. To say that Lochte comes off as self-absorbed in this one ... that's an understatement.

Check out the MUST-SEE interview, here:


Hands down the best quote of the entire thing: "If you're a man at night, you've gotta be a man in the morning." I nearly fell over laughing! But really though, these two news anchors are laughing their butts off, mimicking the feelings of every person with a decent head on their shoulders amidst this Lochte hysteria. From the commercials alone, the swimmer has created this airhead image for himself (to say the least). Can you blame these two for losing their cool?!

Am I curious to watch the show? Of course I am. To be real, though, I don't really know how much more of this "I'm the coolest guy you'll ever meet" attitude I can take.

Are you planning on watching What Would Ryan Lochte Do?


Image via TopTenNow/YouTube

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