Jennifer Aniston's Awkward Run-In With Ex Probably Made Fiance Justin Theroux Squirm

John Mayer & Jennifer AnistonNo matter how things ended, it's generally not ideal to be having dinner with your fiancé next to an ex-boyfriend. Good ol' Jennifer Aniston found herself in this awesome situation just the other night when she went out to dinner at West Hollywood's Sunset Tower with hubby-to-be Justin Theroux, Chelsea Handler, and Andre Balazs when whattyaknow -- ex John Mayer sat down just a few tables over.

According to People, the duo who dated for a few months in 2008 didn't interact but definitely knew about one another's presence. Could it have been fine between the two of them? I'm sure it coulda been, especially if paparazzi were around. But that definitely doesn't make it a comfortable sitch for Jen's current boo. Not one bit.


Even if you're on good terms with your ex, the clashing of two lovers is inevitably awkward. Heck, your ex could be the friendliest man in the world, but SO many thoughts are there. What did she see in him? Why did they break up? Does she think I'm better looking? Was he better than me in bed?

You get the picture. Of course, these are all questions that, if you're in love and in a good place in your relationship, maybe you can tackle together (in private, of course). But my advice? It's better not to ask. You want your love to be based on the chemistry and emotional connection that you have together, not on a former love connection.

Have you ever run into an awkward situation like Jennifer's?


Images via WDPG_share, shahanaj27/Flickr

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