'Dexter' Season 8 Clip Shows a Sister Who Is on the Edge (VIDEO)

Dexter Season 8 Dexter is one of the darkest shows ever on television. For those of us who love the show, that is part of what is so appealing. Dexter Morgan is a classic anti-hero. He is so bad and yet so good.

Last season was one of the craziest on the show so far, and the word on the street is that season 8 (the season that starts this June) is going to be the last.

If you didn't watch season 7, do not read any further. If you did and want to speculate, check out this season 8 clip below:


It looks like Deb isn't doing well after season 7 ended with her choosing to shoot Detective LaGuerta in the trailer instead of letting Dexter go down for his crimes.

"I shot the wrong person in that trailer," says a distraught-looking Deb in the clip above. It seems season 8 is going to take us on Deb's journey. She knows what her brother does and she is wrestling with that.

At its heart, the show has always been about family and love and darkness all coexisting in one crazy package. This season seems like it will go even farther down that path. Personally, I think Deb will forgive Dexter. She always does.

But maybe not. The show has never been one to shy away from sad endings. Maybe this ends with Deb or Dexter dying. Or maybe both of them. Whatever the end, I know I can't wait until June.

With all that is going in on the world, it may seem crazy to want to watch a show about a serial killer. But it makes perfect sense. Dexter, take me away. Just two more months!

Do you think this season will be the best yet?


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